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Milk: Beauty in a Carton?

Milk has been a part of beauty regimens for thousands of years.  In fact, weekly milk baths were Cleopatra's aid of choice.  Well, now we know that good nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.  Milk is one of the best sources of the vital nutrients that help promote external beauty.  Proteins, lipids, calcium, Vitamin A, B6, biotin and potassium work together to help keep hair soft and shiny.  In addition milk contains multiple antibacterial properties that help promote overall oral health.  Casein, a protein in milk, helps prevent cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to the teeth!                                                                  source:  gotmilk.com

....... Got Milk? ...... ......yes, we do!!.....

....... Got Milk? ......            ......yes, we do!!.....
Food Services

Back to School on September 3rd! See You Soon!

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*  *  *   PRICES  FOR SEPTEMBER *  *  *

There are 20 school days in September


                                               Ocean Academy                                CMC High School                      

                                           Daily     Weekly   September              Daily      Weekly   September            

                     Breakfast     $1.70     $8.50      $34.00                   $1.90     $9.50      $38.00          

                     Lunch           $2.75    $13.75    $55.00                   $3.00      $15.00    $60.00        

                    Both Meals   $4.45    $22.25     $89.00                   $4.90     $24.50     $98.00      


                                                                         Reduced Rate       
                                                                            Daily     Weekly   September

                                                     Breakfast        .30        $1.50       $6.00

                                                     Lunch              .40       $2.00        $8.00

                                                    Both Meals      .70        $3.50       $14.00




  • Our food service team is committed to serving the students of our district healthy, nutritious and delicious food.  We adhere to the National School Lunch Program's guidelines for portion sizes, fat and sodium content and nutrient value of the meals that are served.  Whole grain products, reduced and low fat ingredients are used whenever possible.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are available daily as well as 1% low fat and fat free milk choices.
  • Our school uses a computer based point of sale program that works like an internal debit system for the students.  Funds can be placed on your child's account and meal purchases are deducted when your child receives a meal from our cafeteria. 
  • Payment is to be made in advance.  Accounts must have funds available for meal purchases.  Invoices will be sent home when an account is over due or upon request.  If you would like to know your child's account balance or need a statement or printed menu, please just call or send us a note.  Statements can also be emailed to you.  Just send an email- include your Child's Name, to:  mlinnington@cmcspecialservices.org  Credit balances can be carried over into the Summer Session and/or to our next school year in September 2014.
  • Please be sure your payment is identified with your child’s full name, especially if sending cash.   
  • Checks can be made payable to:  CMCSSSD
  • OVER DUE ACCOUNT:  If an account is over due and you have not contacted us about making payment, a cheese sandwich with milk will be provided.
  • FREE AND REDUCED MEALS APPLICATION:   Applications can be updated if your circumstances or income change during the school year.  Please contact us if you have questions or need a new application.
  • Offer versus Serve Meal Program:  Our schools have adopted an offer versus serve policy.  In order for a meal to be considered a full, reimbursable meal by USDA standards students must include a minimum amount of food choices on their trays.  Each day students will be offered at least four food items at breakfast and may decline one if they choose, but can take all four.  At Lunch they will be offered at least five food items, and they can decline two if they choose, but can take all five.  Our cafeteria staff are trained to provide correct portion sizes and assist students in choosing the minimum requirements while encouraging students to take all components to complete their meal with the best nutrition!

If you have any questions regarding account balances, the free and reduced meals application or any food service related issue please call us at 609-465-2720 ext. 6619 or email: mlinnington@cmcspecialservices.org

Thank you for participating in our School Breakfast and Lunch Programs!


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Click on the link below to play the My Plate BLAST OFF game!



This institution is an equal opportunity provider.