AQUA BASIC SPIN: A non-stop, interval fusion, lower body challenge that will push you beyond your limits. The upper body will be worked at the same time with noodles, water weights and small balls for added core and arm exercises. This class will burn maximum calories. Class is conducted in the deep end

AQUA,CARDIO,DANCE,SPIN MIX- Starts in the lower end with belts on and ready to "Go" pushing off the bottom of the pool. Toe,ball,heel, touching gently with a soft knee off the bottom, working with the powers of inertia. This is a fun choreographic routine with upbeat music to keep you moving. From there we move to the deep for 20 minutes of power pedelling at high level speeds.

AQUA CARDIO DANCE- Same as above, without the deep end spin mix added in.

DEEP WATER, CARDIO, POWER SPIN- Calling for all large muscles in action. This class will raise your bodies core temperature and gradually increase the demand placed on your heart. You will be moving your joints through full range of motion, working heart rates between 60 & 80% of you max heart rate

LIQUID INTENSITY MIX- Cardio respiratory fitness with muscle strength endurance. Ability of the circulatory and respiratory system to deliver the oxygen to the muscles, to remove waste products. Contains work overloads necessary for muscle development. Combined with cardiovascular, three to 1 intervals. (5 Weeks)

AQUA CARDIO INTERVAL: This class is for beginner/intermediate levels. Unlike most land based exercises, water provides resistance to the movement in all directions which allows all of the directions to be used in the strengthening process. You can build strength and endurance, increase body tone, loose weight or speed up your recovery  from illness or injury in the safety of water. (water weights and noodles are provided in this class) Water shoes are recommended for a better grip but not necessary. Class is conducted in the shallow end.

LIQUID PILATES: Go beyond traditional training techniques that focus on the superficial muscles that move the arms and legs. Learn how to challenge the deepest muscle layers in the body for superior abdominal toning. You can bring ankle weights less than 5 lbs for a maximum workout!  ( balls, noodles and weights will be provided in this class) Class is conducted in the shallow end.

WATERWALKING: A unique fitness program taught in the deep water. This class is to improve participant's cardiovascular ability and increase muscle tone and strength.