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Behavior Disabilities

The CMCSSSD Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities programs educate students from ages three to twenty-one who have behavioral and/or learning disabilities.

The students' needs are met through a comprehensive system of highly-structured learning environments that are designed to ensure that students benefit fully from instruction, and learn how to make appropriate decisions and solve problems effectively.

Our Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Program is designed to address the therapeutic, psychiatric and educational needs of students from kindergarten through post-secondary. 

Psychiatric services include: evaluation, diagnosis, provision of prescriptions and the management and monitoring of psychiatric medications.

Therapeutic services include: group therapy largely focused on mindfulness practice to facilitate the self-regulation of emotions and behaviors and  individual psychotherapy with LCSW’s.

Behavior Support Staff are available at all times to all students. Our LCSW’s will maintain contact with students’ outside psychiatrists, therapists and agencies when applicable.

CMCSSSD has  strong academic and vocational programs that meet Individual Education Plans aligned with NJSLS. Progress reporting and grades occurs four times a year, parent conferences as needed and IEP annual reviews are part of the academic program.

Post-secondary students who have completed all their high school academic requirements for graduation are offered career education and hands on community based instruction. This includes simulated work training opportunities, job training, internships and travel training.