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Cape May County Special Services School District

Cape May County Special Services School District

Classroom with teacher and students utilizing a Smartboard for lessons.Cape May County Special Services School District began pioneering computer-assisted instruction in 1985. Determination to push the limits of technology helped us to discover new and innovative ways to serve our students' needs and set CMCSSSD at the forefront in the field of Education Technology. 
The ET department is proud to provide leadership in the Integration of Technology into Special Education. But, without the steadfast, moral and financial support of our Board of Education our students would not have benefited so fully from the use of technology as they have.
SMARTBOARD interactive white boards are installed in all classroom throughout the District. This technology makes it possible for our teachers to create lessons that include a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content that naturally engage our students into the learning process.
SmartBoard lessons foster peer collaboration and generate experiential learning activities that prompt a more memorable and enjoyable event for our students. Brain research has proven that when children are actively engaged in learning provided in a safe and happy setting they are more likely to store that learning in long term memory.
Helping students retain knowledge that is taken into real-life beyond the school's walls is a goal for all teachers. This is especially true of our teachers who are applying SmartBoard technology to meet the many learning challenges of our diverse yet very specific student population.

In addition to SMARTBOARD technology students have access to Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and desktops depending on their program and individual needs. Students whose with special communication needs make use of augmentative communication devices - both high tech and low tech.



Michael McCourt

Technology Specialist
(609) 465-2720 ex: 4420


If your student does not remember their username / password, or you would like to Book a Held Desk appointment with Mr. McCourt, please submit a request using the Parent/Guardian Tech Request form.